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Nov 10-12

Dear Attendees and Fans,

It is with a broken heart that I write these words.

Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the event was canceled at 1:00 PM today. We have done everything in our power to proceed since we became aware there was a potential issue yesterday afternoon. We truly exhausted every effort to reconcile what became irreconcilable differences.

This was a shock and devastating to us. When we woke up Thursday morning, we were fully prepared to have our event, and even believed we would move forward today.

We know many of you will be saddened too.

To the members of the Navy and USMC we are so saddened. We were so honored to host you for free for Veterans Day weekend, we respect your service and are so sorry.

To anyone with a room, the hotel is honoring all cancellations without fees or penalties.

To our vendors, pre-registered attendees, artists, guests, and others who believed in what we were creating, we will be reimbursing those of you who have made an investment in this event. We will do everything we can to make everyone whole. Please bear with us as this will be a lengthy and time-consuming process.

We understand everyone's frustration, and we share it; we will contact everyone individually next week via the emails or phone numbers you provided when you registered.


The entire Anime Pops Up team of fans and professionals

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