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Terms & Conditions

Anime Pops Up is an all-ages, family-friendly, and inclusive event. We want to ensure that all of our Members feel safe and welcome in our space, as they explore the programming and activities we have planned. We encourage you to read through the entirety of our policies, but you can look at specific issues by clicking the links below.



Anti-Harrassment Policy

Discriminatory and/or prejudiced behavior will not be tolerated. Harrassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Harrassment includes, but is not limited to:

  • physical assault and/or battery

  • offensive verbal comments

  • inappropriate and unwanted physical contact

  • unwelcome physical attention

  • intimidation

  • stalking

  • display of hateful iconography

  • non-consensual photography or videography (see our Photography Policy)

  • sustained disruption of panels, signings, or other Anime Pops Up programming/activities

Especially when in relation to identity attributes such as:

  • race

  • color

  • culture

  • national origin

  • disability

  • gender

  • gender identity

  • gender presentation

  • sexual orientation

  • religion

  • age

  • body size

  • appearance

Any costume worn in Anime Pops Up event space must follow the anti-harrassment guidelines. Please see our additional note on costume restrictions here.

Touching, or intentionally distracting a service animal without its owner’s permission is not allowed under any circumstances. Distracting, touching, or interacting with a service animal without its owner’s permission is a safety hazard and denies another Member the benefit of their accessibility aid.

Click here to find out how to report harrassment to Anime Pops Up Staff.

Photography Policy
Photography Policy

Members should always obtain consent before taking photo/video of another member. If the subject of the photo requests revokes consent or asks you to delete a photo, you must comply. However, you are not required to obtain consent for large group photographs, or from individuals who appear incidentally in the background.

Click here to find out how to report harrassment to Anime Pops Up Staff.

Safety & Security

Matters of Safety & Security

Weapons & Costuming

Any costume that gives the wearer the appearance of present-day United States military or Law Enforcement personnel is strictly forbidden. Exception: Current or former US military personnel may wear their uniforms in a manner consistent with military regulations governing off-duty dress.

The following items are prohibited in all event spaces:

  • firearms, disabled or otherwise - a permit to carry is not an exception

  • explosives/pyrotechnics

  • tasers/stun guns

  • pepper spray or other chemical irritants

  • any item deemed unsafe by Anime Pops Up Staff

Any prop weapons must clearly be props. Realistic-looking weaponry--especially firearms--are strictly prohibited.


Anime Pops Up is an all-ages, family-friendly event. However, not all programming is suitable for all audiences. Parent/guardian discretion is advised. Members under age 13 should be supervised by responsible parent/guardian or designated adult in a manner appropriate to the age and ability of the minor.

  • The legal drinking age in the state of Illinois is 21; legal identification should be verified before any alcohol is shared. No one under the age of 21 should be offered or provided alcohol.

  • Tampering with food or drinks consumed by others will not be tolerated. Anyone found to have tampered with items consumed by others will be expelled from Anime Pops Up and may face criminal charges.

  • Intoxication to the point of interfering with other Members or becoming a hazard to yourself will result in a proportionate response from Anime Pops Up Staff; more serious situations may be addressed by the hotel, and/or Law Enforcement.

  • If you feel unsafe, regardless of your level of alcohol consumption, please seek assistance from Anime Pops Up Staff. The safety of Members is our primary concern, even if you are not of legal drinking age.


The Hyatt Regency Deerfield is a smoke-free establishment, per Illinois state law. Please consult Hyatt Regency Deerfield's staff regarding areas on their property where smoking may be permitted.


Service animals, as defined by the ADA, are welcome in all areas of Anime Pops Up. If you or your service animal face harrassment, we encourage you to report it to Anime Pops Up Staff.

Making a Report to Anime Pops Up Staff
Reporting Issues

If you need to report an incident of harrassment or a lost child, you are encouraged to come to our Operations Office and make a report. You may also ask any member of Anime Pops Up Staff to escort you. We will act quickly to resolve the matter, and will involve Law Enforcement if needed.

Matters of loss, theft, or other separated parties may also be reported in the Operations Office. If you cannot find the office, a member of Anime Pops Up Staff will direct you.

Refund Policy

Purchases & Refunds

All sales are final and non-transferrable. No refunds will be issued. You will be required to show government-issued ID in order to pick up your Membership Badge. You may not use a Membership Badge that was not issued to you. You may not possess a Membership Badge that was not issued to you with the intent of using it. Fraudulent use of a Membership Badge is grounds for immediate removal from Anime Pops Up.

Do you have a question that hasn't been answered here? Check out our FAQs page or contact us here.

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