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Corina Boettger

Corina Boettger is an amazing voice actor best known for Paimon in Genshin Impact, Tatsumaki in One Punch Man, Mizuki in Ai: The Somnium Files, Somali in Somali & the Forest Spirit, and more! 
A professional actor for over 20 years, they got their start in theater in Seattle and went to movies and TV at an early age, working on shows like My Name is Earl, Glee, Shameless, Desperate Housewives and more. 
They are person who despite their diagnosis of Crohn's disease when young, and almost dying from it, has never let that set them back. Their goal is to become a role model for others with auto immune disorders, like themselves, that also want to work in the entertainment industry.
In addition to being an amazing voice actor they love to play video games! You can find their Twitch here.

Jackie Lastra


Jackie Lastra is a professional actress and singer known for her work in Genshin Impact, Pokemon Masters, The Rising of the Shield Hero, The Promised Neverland, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and many more! 
She began her acting career on stage and film. A lifelong anime fan, it seemed only natural that she found her home behind the microphone. You can find her weekly videos as Net Idol A-set on the YouTube channel: Lemniscate or on Twitch by clicking here

Carlos Ferro

Carlos Ferro.jpeg

Carlos Ferro is one of the leading voice acting talents working in the industry today. A star of the award-winning, best-selling GEARS OF WAR 1-5, Ferro is known to video game fans worldwide as the voice of COG soldier Dom Santiago. In addition to his work on GEARS, he is also known as the voice of Michael Corleone, head of the Corleone family in THE GODFATHER II and Leonardo da Vinci in ASSASSIN”S CREED 2, ASSASSIN’S CREED BROTHERHOOD and ASSASSIN’S CREED ASCENDANCE. Ferro has lent his voice to such well-known properties as SHENMUE III, FINAL FANTASY, BEWARE THE BATMAN, SCOOBY-DOO, THE CLEVELAND SHOW, JUSTICE LEAGUE, SPAWN, REIGN: THE CONQUERER, X-MEN: NEXT DIMENSION, TONY HAWK’S AMERICAN WASTELAND, SCARFACE: THE WORLD IS YOURS, QUANTUM OF SOLACE, INDIANA JONES AND THE STAFF OF KINGS, RANGO THE VIDEOGAME,   PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 as well as the popular CALL OF DUTY, SAINTS ROW and UNCHARTED franchises. Anime fans know him as the evil Thomas Waltham from GOLGO 13: QUEEN BEE. Ferro is also an accomplished actor, club DJ, and host, who has starred in landmark television shows such as STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, tours under his DJ moniker “the Domfather," and in 2018/2019 served as Esports host at the Gears Pro Circuit in Las Vegas and Mexico City.

Doug Rice

Doug Rice photo.jpg

Doug Rice At age 72, the easiest way to describe Doug Rice’s life is that he is a veteran of the United States Air Force, the comics industry, and the animation industry – coming away with an Honorable Discharge, the 1985 San Diego Con’s Russ Manning “Most Promising Newcomer” Award (at age 34), and a Daytime Emmy certificate, respectively. In terms of any skills or abilities, he is completely self-taught…though he does NOT recommend that path for most would-be artists. In the early 1970s, when the old 4-color comics industry was hours away from techno-extinction, Rice was hired to work as the one-man production staff of a small new company in Chicago called FIRST COMICS. Some months later his studio duties were expanded to include an original comics title, DYNAMO JOE, a giant robot series which he created and penciled. From there Doug went off in many other directions as a freelancer: STARBLAZERS (for Comico), PLASTIC MAN and MANHUNTER (for DC Comics), TOXIC AVENGER, and WHAT THE–?! (for Marvel), ROGER RABBIT (for Disney Comics), TALES OF THE TMNT (for Mirage Comics), and STUPID (for Image Comics), among others. It was in 1993 that Rice changed careers and got into TV animation – again, with no formal training at all! Startoons Studio in the south suburbs of Chicago was a beehive of activity for Warner Bros. weekday programming, which found Doug storyboarding and doing background layouts for “Steven Spielberg Presents The Animaniacs” which, in turn, led to him being handed an Emmy certificate and ‘letter-of-congratulations’ from the head of WB animation a little over two years after he started. After the studio folded in the summer of 2001, Rice began work on a two-fisted/pulp-style adventure novel, as a sort of hobby between freelance jobs. The book, SQUADRON, is currently in publication in soft and hard volumes designed by the author. Doug now teaches animation as a part-time professor at Columbia College of the Arts in Chicago because, even though he never graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago Circle, his Emmy honor counts as a ‘doctorate’ academically

Charles D. Moisant


Charles D. Moisant is a renaissance man of the creative industry, with experience as a comic book publisher, artist, writer, and creative director and a Chicago-based independent comic book publisher. Moisant has been a part of numerous projects over the years, including the development of educational comics, custom handmade dice, and board games. He has also been heavily involved in the Roller Derby world and even developed a comic with the help of Jasper Barks called Roller Derby Drama. His involvement with titles such as 'Whispers from The Void', 'Zombie Annihilation', 'Danni and Dayna in Dino World', and 'Thunder World' showcase his diverse skillset. In particular, his collaboration with Doug Rice on the upcoming 'Thunder World' title has garnered significant anticipation among comic book fans. Moisant's new board game and comic web series under development, titled 'The Cockrel's Fist', is expected to be a major hit among board game enthusiasts and comic book fans alike. Alongside his development of free educational comics and his involvement in the successful Kickstarter campaign 'Haunting Tales of Bachelor's Grove', Moisant has remained committed to creating quality content that engages both casual and dedicated fans. Moreover, he is currently working on a new poster/comic book project with Jason R. Spriggs titled 'Monster Cat Raree' aka 'Kaiju Neko No Raree' with a retro feal akin to the days of Godzilla. Moisant is also involved in the development of his strategic sci-fi game 'Outer PLANET PANIC', which he plans to play-test. Lastly, his comic title 'Covid is not native' is currently archived in the Permanent collection at the Field Museum of Chicago. With an impressive portfolio of work, Moisant has established himself as a versatile creative force who continuously pushes the boundaries of his craft.

J.B. Garner


Talented author and top-flight editor, Jamie Beth (J. B.) Garner has written over twenty novels across multiple genres and edited hundreds more. Born near Baltimore, MD, J.B's seen and done many things in her life, from honors student to factory worker to garbage collector to construction worker, but her true passion has always been the written word. She writes fantasy, sci-fi, and pro-wrestling epics, among other things, and is always out to entertain and amaze!

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