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Hosting an event or panel at Anime Pops Up is a fantastic opportunity for passionate anime enthusiasts, industry professionals, and fans to share their knowledge, interests, and creativity with a like-minded audience.


If you have an exciting idea for an event or panel that you believe would enhance the convention's programming, here's how you can make it happen:

Create a detailed proposal that outlines the following:

  • Title and brief description of your event or panel.

  • The purpose and goals of your session.

  • The format and duration (e.g., 60-minute panel, 90-minute workshop).

  • Any special equipment or technical requirements (e.g., audiovisual equipment, projectors).

  • A brief bio or introduction of yourself and any co-hosts or presenters.

  • Any relevant credentials or experience that demonstrate your expertise on the topic.

  • If applicable, a list of potential discussion points, activities, or content to be covered during the event.

  • Anything else fun or exciting you want us to know, any pictures or other items you want us to share about the panel+

email it all to

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