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Corina Boettger

Corina Boettger is an amazing voice actor best known for Paimon in Genshin Impact, Tatsumaki in One Punch Man, Mizuki in Ai: The Somnium Files, Somali in Somali & the Forest Spirit, and more! 
A professional actress for over 20 years, she got her start in theater in Seattle and went to movies and TV at an early age, working on shows like My Name is Earl, Glee, Shameless, Desperate Housewives and more. 

She is a person who despite her diagnosis of Crohn's disease when young, and almost dying from it, has never let that set her back. Her goal is to become a role model for others with auto immune disorders, like herself, that also want to work in the entertainment industry.

In addition to being an amazing voice actor she loves to play video games! You can find her Twitch here

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