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September 26, 2023 from Get News

A new anime pop-up event is coming to Chicagoland November 10-12 2023. The event, called Anime Pops Up, will feature a variety of anime-themed activities and attractions, including:

  • A cosplay contest with prizes

  • Celebrity Guests

  •  Unique panels and programming

  • A dealer's room with unique merchandise

  • A gaming area with video games

  • A screening room with anime movies and TV shows

The event will be held at The Hyatt Deerfield from November 10th-12th 2023. Tickets are on sale now at

“We’ve put together a great and diverse lineup of activities, programming, and events and attractions that will appeal to anime fans of all ages. It was important to me that there be activities that appeal to everyone regardless of their fandom” said the head of programming John Browning

With guests Corina Boettger (best known for Paimon in Genshin Impact), and Jackie Lastra (of Promised Neverland and Demon Slayer) already announced, and more to come, the guest lineup for Anime Pops Up is going to cover a wide range of anime.

Anime Pops Up is the perfect opportunity for anime fans to come together and celebrate their love of anime. With a variety of activities and attractions to choose from, there’s something for everyone at this event.Read more:

September 19, 2023 from Digital Journal

Anime Pops Up Welcomes Veterans of Comics and Animation, Professor Doug Rice and Charles D. Moisant
Anime Pops Up an anime and pop culture convention, is thrilled to announce the participation of two distinguished industry veterans as special guests for its upcoming event. Professor Doug Rice and Charles D. Moisant will join the exciting lineup of activities, panels, and special events at Anime Pops Up, set to take place from November 10 to 12, 2023, at the Hyatt Regency Deerfield in Deerfield, IL

Doug Rice, a multi-talented individual with an impressive career spanning the United States Air Force, the comics industry, and the animation industry, will share his wealth of experience and knowledge at Anime Pops Up. His accolades include an Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Air Force, the 1985 San Diego Con's Russ Manning "Most Promising Newcomer" Award, and a Daytime Emmy certificate. Although Doug Rice is entirely self-taught, his journey led him to work on various iconic projects such as "Animaniacs," "Starblazers," "Plastic Man," "Manhunter," and many more. Currently, he serves as a part-time professor at Columbia College of the Arts in Chicago, where he imparts his expertise in animation to future generations.

Charles D. Moisant, a true renaissance man of the creative industry, brings a diverse range of talents to Anime Pops Up. As an independent comic book publisher, artist, writer, and creative director, Moisant has been involved in numerous projects, including educational comics, handmade dice, board games, and even Roller Derby-themed comics. His collaboration with Doug Rice on the highly anticipated "Thunder World" title has generated significant buzz among comic book fans. Moisant's new board game and comic web series, "The Cockrel's Fist," is poised to captivate board game enthusiasts and comic book aficionados alike. His involvement in projects like 'Whispers from The Void,' 'Zombie Annihilation,' 'Danni and Dayna in Dino World,' and 'Thunder World' showcases his diverse skillset.


Anime Pops Up promises attendees an exciting and immersive experience featuring cosplay, panels, a vendor hall, talented artists, an anime-themed gaming room, and much more. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet and interact with these industry legends, Professor Doug Rice and Charles D. Moisant, and gain insights into their incredible careers and contributions to the world of comics and animation.


Event Details: Anime Pops Up Date: November 10-12, 2023 Location: Hyatt Regency Deerfield, 1750 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield, IL 60015 Special Hotel Rate: $109/night (Book now!)

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit the Anime Pops Up website at

September 17, 2023 from The Journalist Report

Anime Pops Up Cosplay Extravaganza Pops Up Cosplay Extravaganza

There will be a Cosplay Extravaganza at Anime Pops Up happening at the Deerfield Hyatt, November 10-12

Anime Pops Up Cosplay Extravaganza Coming To Chicago!

Are you ready to unlock your inner hero, transform into your favorite character, and step into a realm of pure fantasy? Anime Pops Up is doing a Cosplay Extravaganza at the Hyatt Deerfield, from November 10th to 12th! It will be an unforgettable weekend of anime, cosplay, and tons of fun! Anime Pops up can be found at:

Anime Pops Up is a celebration of all things anime and they are going all out on Cosplay this year! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, this is the place to shine. Picture yourself in the spotlight, showcasing your meticulously crafted costumes and embodying your favorite characters. The excitement is palpable as you immerse yourself in a world of creativity and endless possibilities!

Do you have what it takes to claim the title of the ultimate cosplayer at Anime Pops Up? Their cosplay contest is not to be missed! Show off your cosplay skills, strike your best poses, and captivate the judges for a chance to win amazing prizes! Whether you're into anime, manga, gaming, or pop culture, there's a category for everyone. Prizes await the champions, and the glory of victory is within your reach!

What to Expect:

* Cosplay Workshops: Hone your crafting skills and learn from the experts.

* Cosplay Photoshoots: Capture stunning memories with fellow cosplayers.

* Meet & Greet with Special Guests: Rub shoulders with your favorite voice actors and artists.

* Themed Panels and Discussions: Engage in lively conversations about your favorite series.

* Anime Screenings: Enjoy exclusive anime screenings and sneak peeks.

* Vendors and Artists Alley: Shop for unique merchandise and artwork.

* And Much More: Immerse yourself in the anime world!

Anime Pops Up is not just a convention; it's an experience that will leave you with cherished memories and lifelong friendships. Whether you're a dedicated cosplayer, an anime enthusiast, or simply looking for an extraordinary weekend of fun, you won't want to miss this!

Grab Your Tickets Now!

Secure your spot at Anime Pops Up in Deerfield, IL, from November 10th to 12th. Get ready to celebrate your passion for anime and cosplay like never before.

September 15, 2023 from Buzz Reporters

A Universe of Fun at Anime Pops Up!

Anime Pops Up , is thrilled to bring you a stellar lineup of panels and discussions that will take your convention experience to the next level. Join us in Deerfield, IL, from November 10th to 12th for a weekend filled with knowledge, creativity, and unforgettable moments!

Are you ready to dive deep into the world of anime, explore your favorite series, and gain exclusive insights from industry experts? Anime Pops Up , is thrilled to bring you a stellar lineup of panels and discussions that will take your convention experience to the next level. Join us in Deerfield, IL, from November 10th to 12th for a weekend filled with knowledge, creativity, and unforgettable moments!


Special Guests & Voice Actors

Corina Boettger - The Voice Behind Paimon (Genshin Impact): Meet the talented Corina Boettger, best known for her role as Paimon in Genshin Impact! Gain a unique perspective on the world of voice acting, character creation, and the phenomenon of Genshin Impact in her exclusive panel.


Jackie Lastra - Promised Neverland, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer: Dive into the captivating worlds of The Promised Neverland, Hunter x Hunter, and Demon Slayer with voice actor extraordinaire, Jackie Lastra. Explore the magic of these beloved series through her expert commentary and anecdotes.

Animation Insights

A Conversation with Dr. Doug Rice - Creator of Pinky And The Brain: Delve into the world of animation with the legendary Dr. Doug Rice, the creative genius behind Pinky And The Brain. Gain valuable insights into the art of animation and storytelling in this exclusive session.


Carlos Ferro's Video Game Programming

Voice Actor Carlos Ferro: Join the charismatic Carlos Ferro, known for his iconic roles in video games, as he takes you on a journey through the world of gaming. Get insider knowledge, anecdotes, and a peek into the gaming industry's dynamics.


Industry Insights

Behind-the-Scenes: The Anime Industry Unveiled: Get an exclusive peek behind the curtain of the anime industry. Learn about the intricate processes of anime production, from concept to distribution. Discover what goes into bringing your favorite series to life!


 How-To Panels

Master the Art of Drawing, Cosplay, and Fansubbing: Whether you're an aspiring artist, cosplayer, or translator, our how-to panels are your gateway to honing your skills. Join experts in these fields to learn tricks of the trade and unleash your creative potential.


Discussion Panels

Anime Enthusiasts Unite: Engage in lively discussions about your favorite anime series and movies. Share your opinions, insights, and theories with fellow fans. It's the perfect platform to explore different perspectives and deepen your love for anime.


Hands-On Workshops

Unleash Your Creativity: Join our workshops and learn new skills such as crafting anime props or mastering the art of drawing anime characters. Express your love for anime by creating your very own masterpieces.


Meetup And Hang Out

Connect with Like-Minded Fans: Join informal meetups tailored to your interests, whether it's a specific anime series or movie. Forge new friendships, exchange ideas, and bond over your shared passion for anime.


Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of anime culture, gain knowledge from industry experts, and connect with fellow fans at Anime Pops Up! Mark your calendars for November 10th to 12th, and get ready for an anime-filled weekend you'll cherish forever. Get your tickets now, and let the adventure begin!

September 14, 2023 from Better Ouds

Dakota Partington: Fueling Anime Pops Up’s Phenomenal Rise

We are thrilled to introduce you to the creative genius behind Anime Pops Up‘s marketing magic: Dakota Partington! Dakota is not just a marketing liaison; he is a passionate anime enthusiast, a devoted Anime culture fanatic, and a true believer in the Anime Pops Up experience. 

Dakota first got involved when he attended another anime event run by the team; he fell in love with the community and culture. He wanted to be more than an attendee. He wanted to be an ambassador of the community, so when the team put together Anime Pops Up in Chicago, Dakota jumped at the chance to formally step in as Marketing Liasion. 

Dakota’s journey into the world of anime began long before he ever stepped into the role of marketing liaison. He is not just an enthusiast; he is a fervent anime fan, deeply immersed in the captivating stories, intricate characters, and vibrant culture that define this phenomenal genre. Dakota understands the significance of fostering a sense of belonging within the anime community. He is committed to making Anime Pops Up an inclusive haven for fans of all backgrounds and ages. His passion extends beyond marketing; it’s about nurturing an environment where fans can connect, share their love for anime, and build lasting friendships.

When asked what his thoughts are on the upcoming Anime Pops Up show, Dakota said: 

“I couldn’t be more excited about Anime Pops Up! This event is not just another convention; it’s a celebration of everything we love about anime. The sense of community and culture that surrounds it is truly inspiring. And guess what? We’ve got an amazing deal for you – hotel rooms for just $109 a night! It’s going to create an incredible weekend festival culture. Join us in celebrating anime like never before. Register now at and let’s make this event unforgettable together!” 

While Dakota is still in his early 20s, he looks forward to both his career advancing and years of celebrating anime and Japanese culture.

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